Saturday, January 25, 2014

Yes, I'm still alive

I'm working on a new sci-fi fantasy novel. Really excited about this one. Sorry for skipping a year of posting. Life kinda got in the . . . you know.

I've been working lately in a donut shop. With three kids under four, I have to go somewhere.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Limited time Kindle offer on my novel After the Cross

My publisher, Ellechor, has lowered the Kindle price on my novel, After the Cross.

Check out the deal HERE.

After the Cross has been compared to the Da Vinci Code, and to the Indiana Jones movies. Here's the teaser from the back cover:

Two linguists follow a trail of clues described in an 800-year old letter which purports to reveal the final resting place of Jesus’ cross, only to find themselves battling against time, hired mercenaries, and each other.
        They soon discover that the most important struggle of their lives is not around them, but from within, testing their beliefs, their ethics, and their growing love for one another.

 If you want to support my writing, buy the book. And if you buy it, I'd love to hear from you. Well, I'd love to hear from you anyway, but even more so if you've read my work.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Christmas sci-fi short story

Christmas sci-fi anyone? Click here to read my short story published at Digital Dragon magazine. Find out what happens when a monster meets a little girl over Christmas break.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Residential Aliens, an online magazine

Residential Aliens, also known as ResAliens, is an ezine specializing in a broad range of spiritually infused speculative fiction. The ezine is headed up by Lyn Perry. I've had the privledge of being published by this ezine (my short story can be found HERE).

 Not only does Resaliens put out a continual stream of sci-fi and fantasy short stories on their ezine, but they also have anthologies for purchase (pictured to the left is While the Morning Stars Sing). I happen to think that's a really nice cover.

There are a great deal of speculative fiction magazines and ezines, but there are a relative few that are spiritually minded.

As Editor Lyn Perry explains:

I also embrace literature from a spiritual perspective. Combining spec fic and spirituality, and wanting to contribute to faith-informed genre fiction, ResAliens Press offers fans of science fiction, fantasy, and spiritual & supernatural thriller a quality venue in which to share their passion.

My hope is that both online and in print you will find engaging fiction that is truthful to the human experience yet touches on things eternal.

If you haven't already, please check out some of the stories at ResAliens. And stop by some of these other excellent blogs talking about this excellent ezine.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Brandon's new novel, After the Cross, sneak peek 3

If you want a copy early, you can get it HERE at the publisher's website. Or you can wait until March when it's officially released! Here's another small portion of the novel:


135 A.D., Jerusalem
Tendrils of smoke wafted up into the crisp autumn sky.  A faint glow of orange hung over the defeated city as the morning’s first light crested the jagged hills in the distance.
General Sextus Julius Severus stood on a slight rise and basked in his moment of triumph.  Not since his campaigns in Britannia had he felt the euphoria of victory against so formidable an enemy.  After three years of fighting against Simon bar Kokhba and his rebellious hoard, the fiery death of Jerusalem stood as a testament of Roman will against those who dared to stand up to the most powerful army in the world.
He drew in a long, satisfying breath, and took in the heavy smell of smoke, embracing it like a burnt offering to the gods.
“I thought I might find you here,” a voice said from behind.
Severus pulled out his sword and spun around, pointing it behind him.  For a moment, both men stood toe-to-toe, neither one moving.  When he recognized Governor Tineius Rufus, he lowered his guard.  “If you were standing a step closer, I might have killed you.”  He re-sheathed his sword.  “You never come up to a soldier like that from behind.”
Governor Rufus stared at Severus, anger painting his face.
Severus immediately wanted to take back his words.  Few men, even those who had risen to the rank of general, had addressed the Judean governor in such a dismissive fashion and lived to tell about it.  However, thought Severus, if he had any brains, he might treat the incident as a necessary reminder, albeit, an unintentional one.  In a treacherous backwater place like this, danger stalked men everywhere, and one could never afford the luxury of becoming too comfortable.  Severus knew a few soldiers who had, men who had been given an honorable funeral not long after.
Rufus was a tall man with striking features, who made it a point to accentuate his physical prowess in the presence of others.  He pulled back his purple robe, slipping it over his arm in a way that reinforced his status. 
“One should mind one’s tone when addressing the highest official in the country, personally picked by Emperor Hadrian himself.”
The words grated in Severus’ ears.  Another political appointee enamored with the smell of his own breath.  It galled him that any one of the centurions under his command knew more about administering a province than the man before him.  But Rufus was right about one thing.  Emperor Hadrian had handpicked him, with the specific expectation he maintain order in a country that knew nothing but rebellion.  If it weren’t for the legions at his disposal, the sharpened edge of an assassin’s blade would have ended Rufus’ political ambitions long before this glorious day.
“My humble apologies most esteemed Governor.  It will never happen again.”


That's it for now!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

After the Cross, sneak peek part 2

Here's another snippet from my newest novel, After the Cross, which is available for a limited time from today unitl January 7 at the publishers website, HERE. The novel will officially release in March.


May 25th, Castle Bilhorod on the Black Sea, Ukraine

“Everything is set then?” Victor Petrichenko asked.
Zarco placed the phone on its cradle and reclined into the cool leather chair.  Victor’s villa overlooking the Black Sea was pompously decorated, in his estimation, though the reds and golds were too overwhelming.  Obviously baroque, but poorly overdone.  For Zarco, it screamed of power without a proper understanding of how to use it.  The more he got to know the president’s son, the more he realized he didn’t possess the sophistication or share the political competence of his father, at least not yet.
“Yes.  It’s taken care of,” said Zarco warmly.  “Dr. Lewis will convene a panel of experts to comb the document.  Rest assured, if there’s a cross to be found, we will find it.  Meanwhile, we must keep this under wraps.”
Petrichenko rolled his knuckles rhythmically on the marble desktop.  “News travels, Vladimir.  Keeping this quiet shouldn’t be our concern.  It’s time that I’m worried about.  My wife grows worse by the day.”
And you grow more desperate and foolish, thought Zarco.  “You haven’t told her anything, have you?”
The sound of knuckles rolling on marble stopped.  “Do you wish to make the conversations between my wife and me your business?”
“You should not get her hopes up, that’s all.”
“Hope?  Hope is all she has keeping her alive.  And don’t pretend to pass off such a comment as caring about her ever again.  I know your only concern is the election and how the arrangements we’ve made will benefit you.  But let me tell you something—when I am president, you had better show a little more faith in me, or those arrangements won’t mean a thing.  If I put trust in my wife, so should you.  You need not fear her telling someone about your map to the Cross.”
“It’s not a map, it’s a letter!” growled Zarco. 
Petrichenko fell quiet for some time, and then the rhythmic tapping began again.  “Vladimir, let me remind you that with a single phone call I could ruin your arms business, not to mention the other illegal enterprises you’re engaged in.  However, I see the value of maintaining these sources of revenue, and want them to continue, but the cost is your cooperation.  As I’ve made clear before, do not worry about the election, worry about getting the Cross.  Finding it in time is crucial.  Make that known to your experts.”
Zarco swallowed his pride, a bitter pill going down.  One day, he promised himself, he would never do it again.  “Yes, of course.”


And that's where I'm cutting it off. Check back later for sneak peek part 3. And you can order the pre-release of the novel HERE at the publishers website.