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The Boy and the Beast (Coming fall 2015)

  The first three sci-fantasy serial novels in The Boy and the Beast Series will be released this fall.

Book One, Secrets and Visions
Book Two, Portals and Fantasies
Book Three, (title TBD)

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Why aren't my previously published novels sci-fantasy? That's a long story you can read at the About Me page. For a short answer to the question: they will be sci-fantasy, but you'll have to be patient. I have an epic sci-fantasy series in the works, and another one in the creation phase.

After the Cross, Ellechor, June 2011

...A letter is unearthed in Istanbul Turkey with an obscure reference to the last location of Jesus' Cross. As a team of archeologists assembles in secret to authenticate the ancient letter, mysterious forces seem bent on stopping them at every turn.

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After the Cross, published by Ellechor, is available at Amazon, and on Kindle

American Midnight, Silver Leaf Books, 2010
...A family torn apart, a country under siege from within, terrorist plots that will shake society to its core, and it's all coming to a head in a quiet little town in Iowa.

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American Midnight, published by Silver Leaf Books, is available for purchase at any of the following:
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Books edited by Brandon:

After the Sky Fell, (edited by Brandon Barr), Silver Leaf Books, forthcoming 2014

It's been thirty years since a shadowy alien armada was defeated in battle; now the Deravans are back to finish what they started: exterminate the human race.

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When the Sky Fell, (edited by Brandon Barr), Silver Leaf Books, 2009

…Since the dawn of time, an ancient evil has sought complete and unquestioned dominion over the galaxy, and they have 

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When the Sky Fell, published by Silver Leaf Books can be purchased at the following:

SLB, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle