How To Achieve A Balanced And Satisfying Life?

Would you like to have more time for yourself and your close people? Would you like to know how to live in a better and different way? If so, then we are what you are looking for.

REDUCE What You Don't Need

How would you describe yourself? People are often described as strong, independent, self-reliant, and assertive. At the same time, we are indeed social beings; we need interaction and mutual dependence. In this way, we come to a conflict between individualistic and collectivist cultures.

The perfect prototype of individualism is social networks, which, in principle, should connect us. But instead of this, they are just space where we create ideal images of ourselves. We are distant not only from others but also from ourselves. Mobile phones have entered our lives so much that they even have space in our bedrooms.

What Is Our Goal?

The English expression FOMO = has a great role in social networks. It's that feeling that we are missing something important. You feel that you must be everywhere and see everything; on the contrary, something important will escape you. It is an acute and illegitimate fear that others are living longer and better than you; they easily handle any situation in their lives and are happier even though the reality is often different.

Finally, we would have a fear of the unknown of missing something. It is the fear of the feeling that we do not know what we are missing. The Guardian newspaper writes that it is not fear of what we see but instead of what we do not see by not checking social networks. Alternatively and inversely, it happens when your friends do not post something on social networks because it implies that they are having a good time and therefore do not have time to post.

And so where do we want to go? To the joy of omission. To the satisfaction with us and the feeling of not missing anything. One of the goals is to learn to reasonably regulate our impulses as a result of interaction with other people and social networks. Likewise, learn how to make decisions freely and know how to choose just in time and correctly. In simple words, to live in freedom and with satisfaction.

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