Friday, May 22, 2009

I found this fascinating Yahoo News article on Robots and the soldiers who become attached to them...and this time, it's not a joke!

Check it out HERE.


gzusfreek said...

"Robots in Arms"! That was kind of touching. . . Thank you for sharing:)

I wanted to email you, but can't get this new computer to do it. (Did you see I said new computer? Very pretty purple Dell :)
Guess what I got from Amazon today? A brand new, beautiful "When the Sky Fell" by Mike Lynch and Brandon Barr!

Alexander Field said...

Wow, this is very interesting. Soldiers treating their robots almost like pets. So sci fi and totally trippy. There's a story here I know it!

Brandon said...

Whooohooo, I'm so glad you got your copy. Amazon actually ran out for a period of time, and a bunch of people who ordered the books didn't get them until later...(Amazon running out of books is a bad thing on one hand, but then, people buying lots of books on the other hand is a good thing.)
I embrace paradox.
And a new (purple) computer! Perfect for writing your masterpieces on :)

Hey Alex,
It is trippy...unfortunately, as far as sci-fi stories go, this (attachment) was envisioned by lots of sci-fi writers already...I guess they have a knack for predicting how future technology will effect humans.

There's a crazy short story written in the fifties or sixties that basically predicts how annoying cell phone's and and other techy devices will infringe on our daily lives and demand our time. It's called "The Murderer" by Ray Bradbury. A great story!