Thursday, October 7, 2004

Christian fiction magazine list

Below is a list of magazines that should be of interest to Christians who love a good short story.

Christian Science Fiction magazines; Christian fantasy magazines; Christian speculative fiction magazines:

Christian mainstream magazines, Christian Literary Magazines:


Wink said...

Do any of these markets pay?

Also, how can I sell them my stories from my blog?


Brandon said...

Yes some of them pay--check out each magazines guidelines and follow the instructions. They all spell it out to the "t". Good luck!

Eve said...

Thanks for the info! I,m really excited to find it! God sent me a story last night in my dreams(one that I remembered dreaming before).Finding the Dragons...mag. was terribly inspiring. A real find!

Brandon said...
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Brandon said...

Hi Eve. I'm so glad you found DKA through my site. Good luck with the submission process! Let me know if anything comes out of it!

Joe said...

Thanks for this list.